an{code} offers affordable web design solutions for small to medium businesses in the Calgary area without compromise to quality. We help your business get the most out of your website with not just a beautiful, engaging design but can get your business more leads by getting the website to rank higher in Google search results.

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Have a cutting edge app idea but don’t know where to begin?

an{code} app developers provide a complete solution to those looking to turn their mobile app dreams into reality.

We can develop a customized mobile app solution to meet your specifications and scale accordingly to satisfy user demands.

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Logo design is essential to the success of your growing business. The logo is part of your company’s marketing campaign, a strong image that your market can latch onto. It represents the nature, character, and values of your business and image really is everything in business. A company can either thrive or wither away based on the way it presents itself to the public. It’s for this very reason that your logo and corresponding brand can set you apart from your competitors.

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We know that a solid foundation is the key to a successful e-commerce shop, and that there is not going to be a one-size-fits-all solution to any e-commerce business. This is why we custom tailor each business that we build for our clients with the features and solutions that will ultimately generate the most profitable bottom lines and help you with the unnerving task of gaining rank with the search engines.

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The visual elements of a brand play an important role in the success of any business. Strong graphic design implements unique and captivating logos, typography, colours and symbols which allow consumers to differentiate your brand from the competition. Brand images should visually communicate your products or services to your target audience, and create lasting impressions in their minds.

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Are you struggling with driving traffic to your website? Like many other independent business owners, you are probably reading this because you made the big decision to promote your products or services online. You will soon come to realize that having an on line presence alone will not drive sales through the roof—in fact, by launching your website, you are now competing against countless others who are offering the same products and services that you are.

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